Stream Revival Compilation ‘It’s All Acoustic’ Early!


So if you haven’t heard, the Raleigh based record label Revival Recordings is releasing a completely acoustic compilation album titled It’s All Acoustic. If that’s not cool enough for you already, you’ll be stoked to know it features a song from each artist on their roster! But wait, that’s not it. Thanks to Purevolume, you can stream the album today! Check out the full tracklist and artists featured below!

This acoustic album features new/unreleased work from Alesana (who’s own Shawn Milke owns Revival Recordings), Famous Last Words, The Funeral Portrait, and more. Its release date is January 29, but you can pre-order the album here!

It’s All Acoustic Tracklist

1. I’ll Be Home Soon – Famous Last Words
2. Broken Maiden – Cabaret Runaway
3. Hiatus – Alesana
4. Casanova (C’est La Vie) – The Funeral Portrait
5. Winona – Megosh
6. Natural Born Thriller – Uh Huh Baby Yeah!
7. Stand Up – Tempting Paris
8. Nightingale – The Things They Carried
9. Long Nights, Stupid Fights – The Legitimate Excuse
10. Dancing Alone – Alesana

If you’d like a preview of It’s All Acoustic, check out the videos below and the rest of the album on their channel.

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