New Song Release: OnCue – “Time”

oncueOncue is a rapper, songwriter, singer from Connecticut who currently resides in Brooklyn. Oncue made his way to the scene in 2010 with his release ‘Cuey Sings the Blues’, and then later when he released ‘Leftovers’.  His most recent tape ‘Angry Young Man’ came out in 2014, which was consistent in nature with his other releases but brought a diverse sense of emotion with each track. His song ‘No Way’ became an instant hit, and really caught everyone’s attention with his creative vision for the music video. He just recently released the song “Time”, produced by Mike Kuz which is going to be on his upcoming album, ‘Perfectly, Tragically, Flawed’. The release date is yet to be announced, but you can read Amanda’s review of the track and listen below. 

This song opens with a sample from Jack Garret’s, “The Love You’re Given” accompanied by Oncue singing the hook..

“You keep runnin’ round town, like there’s nothing else to lose
So tell me what you found. Time don’t wait for you.”

From the very beginning of this track you can tell you’re going to get the emotional, poetic nature of Oncue- which is my personal favorite side of him. (Although, his track “Nude” is one I like to listen to a lot). Oncue can go from satirical rap, to sentimental poetry, to releasing bangers left and right. He has a lot of diversity and range with what he does, and how he releases his music. The consistency of his releases is very intelligent, he gives his fans what they want- but never too much of it. But, personally I could never tire of Oncue. I discovered him with his 2011 release of “Better Than Before” from the mixtape ‘Can’t Wait’, which aside from ‘Angry Young Man’, is one of my favorite releases from him. His ability to depict clear emotion and concise scenarios he’s experienced is really unique in the nature of hip-hop and he brings something different to the table. Oncue’s ability to sing also adds to his distinct sound as well. You don’t usually find someone who raps, and sings- it’s often a rarity nowadays. You see people like Fetty and Drake occasionally dabble in it, but not in the way Oncue flavors it into each one of his tracks tastefully.

As the song continues you hear the emotion in Oncue’s voice as he spits about the struggles of him trying to develop as an artist and get his name out there. He feels as if he’s getting inside his own head too much. Everyone wants something from him, and he feels the need to deliver this other side of him most people don’t see. Oncue even mentioned how hard this song was to write for him, how he got chills when he was writing the first verse. He feels as if he needs to get back to his roots and hold close to who is he. Which makes me insanely excited for this upcoming tape. “Time” really spoke to me, in an honest way- similar to the other tracks where he spills his guts, but seemingly more fed up. This song felt like it was something he needed to write, like it was very important to him to get out there. I believe him.

The song continues on and you find yourself honing into the lyrics and vibin’ with the production. He catches you with lyrics like

“But theres blood on all our hands
I’m just pointing out the stains.”

He continues to dive deeper with his struggle in this next verse and I’m going to quote most of it because it’s damn good,

I’m sorry if you’re mad that I wrote this
its been bottled inside, I needed a prognosis
Havent talked to God, but writing this was the closest
And I heard the toughest battles go to his strongest soldiers so..”

Then he proceeds to mention his struggle with being depressed, and how you have to essentially take the struggle you are given and harness it, use it to your advantage and make progress in your life. Go out and get what you want because it’s not going to be handed to you. The song gained a lot of attention from his fans, and they all seemed to give such positive, heart-warming responses to the release. If this track is any indication of how ‘Perfectly, Tragically, Flawed‘ is going to be, I’m very very excited. Check back with Manifesto of Sound for a review of ‘PTF’ when it is released. Until then, enjoy the track below.

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