MOS Album Review: Panning View – Centerpiece EP.

LineupPanning View is an alternative punk-rock band based in Los Angeles, California in 2015. They came together after songwriter Charles Rojas recorded demos for “Fold” and “Addresser”, and posted them online. Later, he was able to meet with drummer, and multi-instrumentalist Keith Drago. They both teamed up to make three more demos. Vocal production came to a head with the help of John Mark Scearce and his partner, the drummer from Jack’s Mannequin, Jay McMillan- along with Andrew McMahon. Finally they found Jose Flores for guitar. Centerpiece- their debut EP was released, January 19th 2016. They’re influences and inspirations range from artists such as Brand New, Title Fight, Rise Against, Thrice and many others. Read Amanda’s review for their album below! You can also buy and listen to their album here .

Previous to this EP, I had never listened to Panning View but I’m very glad I did. The project starts out with a very prominent Brand New feel, you can definitely see the influence in their vocals. That being said they bring a new unique sounds that does a great job defining their brand of band. The whole time I was listening to these tracks, a keen sense of nostalgia washed over me because of their alt-rock feel. They give you a sense of older influences, but they are very new-wave punk rock, in the best way. They captivate you with their lyrical content right away. Addresser really caught my attention from the first chords and the lyrics that rang through the track.

“Been following but not along. Pictures showing you’re moving on. 
Guess that sums up friendship-Passive Aggressive.”

In a sense, lyrically they really remind a lot of my favorite band back in middle school, Hit The Lights. Although their sound is incredibly different from the pop-punk feel most of us are used to. They definitely do a fantastic job honing into that alternative rock style. Following “Addresser” comes the song “Fold” and it flows smoothly and then picks back up straight away. It almost feels like a sequel track to the previous one. You see an instant change up in vibe when you hear the song “Better Yourself”, the lyrics scream through your speaker and have you wanting to yelling “BETTER YOURSELF, BETTER YOURSELF, BETTER YOURSELF” to anyone you hate or want a drastic change from. Considering I just went through a rough patch with my former lover, this song really spoke to me. They do a very very good job at the production content they bring to the table with this album. It flows very well and it’s super clean cut. You can listen to this straight through, or track by track and be equally satisfied.

When you listen to alt-rock bands, it’s really hard for most to find a balance with instrumentals and lyrically- but these guys do it flawlessly. I could honestly listen to this EP as much as I listened to Brand New when I first discovered their existence. I hope these guys continue to flourish and release new stuff, because I will definitely be keeping up with them. You hear a distinct sound with both the songs “Tinnitus” and “Kauai” both diverse lyrically and help move the EP along in a very consistent way. Centerpiece ends with the song, and my personal favorite “Six Years Since”. In my opinion they organized this EP perfectly, it stayed consistent and lyrically panned out in a very energetic, emotionally nostalgic way. It comes to a close with the lyrics

“Forgive me. I feel guilty
Selfishly . The centerpiece”

Then the song eventually ends on the lines,

“Forgive me. Your family. 
Your whole pedigree. Forgive me”

Then the album fades out, making you want even more of their music. I had to hit replay and listen to it multiple times, and not just because I’m reviewing it- but because their music pretty much drove me to. I loved the feel that they brought with this whole EP and with only six tracks. I would love to see what they can do with even more. I hope to see an album from them soon- and that they hold tight to their alt-rock consistency. My favorite part about this entire project, aside from it’s overwhelming ability to keep you enthralled would be their lyrics. I’m all about lyrical content and these guys have the capability to depict emotions and context in a very prominent way. They put a lot of time and effort into this EP and it shows. So buy Panning View’s EP, Centerpiece !

Amanda’s Album Rating: 4.5 out of 5




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