Alesana release second track from acoustic Revival Recordings compilation

12011215_802562686519560_6163573619222335052_nRevival Recordings is a record company owned by Shawn Milke of Alesana. The label recently announced that they would be releasing an acoustic compilation called It’s All Acoustic featuring a track from each artist on the label.  Earlier this month, “I’ll Be Home Soon,” by Famous Last Words was made available to stream and today Revival shared “Hiatus,” by Alesana.  You can check out both of the tracks, as well as the tracklist, below.

It’s All Acoustic will be released January 29th through Revival Recordings.


1. I’ll Be Home Soon – Famous Last Words
2. Broken Maiden – Cabaret Runaway
3. Hiatus – Alesana
4. Casanova (C’est La Vie) – The Funeral Portrait
5. Winona – Megosh
6. Natural Born Thriller – Uh Huh Baby Yeah!
7. Stand Up – Tempting Paris
8. Nightingale – The Things They Carried
9. Long Nights, Stupid Fights – The Legitimate Excuse
10. Dancing Alone – Alesana

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