MOS Interview: Broadside

11205491_1110432292308291_8499491544017247258_nBroadside have been pretty busy the past couple years, releasing multiple EP’s, signing to Victory Records in 2014, putting out their debut Victory EP Old Bones, releasing multiple music videos (really fun videos I might add), and being named one of the 100 Bands You Need To Know by Alternative Press.  They aren’t showing signs of slowing down in 2016 either, with vocalist Ollie Baxxter and guitarist Dorian Cooke on an acoustic tour with Marina City and 7 Minutes In Heaven.

We caught up with Dorian and Ollie on the “Cold Kids and Campfires Tour Part 2” and asked them some questions about Broadside and what’s coming up for this band on the rise.  You can read our interview below!

Interview by Meredith Szturm

You’ve never done an acoustic tour, right? How is it so far? Did you have to completely rework a lot of your songs?
That’s correct! It’s been going great; it’s refreshing to connect to our fans more personally. We don’t have to rework the songs much at all, it’s mostly just translating the same powerchord structures into full ones. Although we do tend to add more flare and “pizazz” to our vocal melodies.

There have been some line-up changes over the years. Do you guys feel like you’ve really found your balance? You’ve certainly achieved a lot together! 🙂
It’s always difficult trying to find a balance, but we’re pretty happy with the current line-up.

Do you have any really memorable tour stories? What are the best and worst things about touring?
On Ollie’s birthday last year we got into Universal Studios for free and walked around the Wizarding World for hours. Definitely one of the best times while on tour. The best parts of touring are seeing the hard work and constant perseverance start to pay off in crowd numbers or sing-alongs. There’s truly no better feeling. The worst is probably the other 23 hours and 30 minutes that you’re waiting to experience that intoxicating feeling again.

You were signed to Victory Records last year. Congratulations! Did that change a lot of things for you as a band?
Thanks so much! 🙂 And the only thing it did change was our want to be more professional.

You were named one of the “100 Artists You Need To Know” by AP and different publications have named you as the potential “new face of pop punk.” Those are some amazing compliments! What are you most proud of as a band so far?
Our opportunity to play with bigger bands has only made us hungry for more.

How have the fans reacted to Old Bones?
They seemed to have responded pretty well. We’d like to believe they appreciate the honesty in the lyrics.

What was the writing process like? Do you all write together or is it more of a solitary thing?
It was a learning experience more than anything. Most of the record we wrote together, everyone incorporating ideas and parts.

Do you have a song on the album that’s your favorite or means the most to you? Why?
Ollie: The whole record, because it’s a confession of my darkest secrets.
Dorian: “Playing in Traffic.” I was present during the entire process, and to see so many unique ideas and long hours go into a song and hear how the final product fell into place was extremely gratifying for me.

Have any of the bands you’ve toured with influenced or impacted you when it comes to your music?
Every band we’ve toured with has inspired us in different ways, each brings different forms of musical passion that we all learn from.

You have a lot of funny, creative music videos. 🙂 What was your favorite one to film? Will there be anymore coming out this year?
“Come and Go” because we like to imagine (pretend) that we’re funny. As for the second part:  😉

You recorded Old Bones in Los Angeles. Did recording away from home affect the record at all? Had any of you been to Los Angeles before?
Ollie and Andrew had been before. And it definitely affected how we wrote, but in the best way possible. (We love LA).

I read a quote from Andrew that said you thought it would be a heavier album, but it ended up being more poppy. Has your music changed a lot over the years? Do you see it continuing to evolve?
We’re all pretty ADHD so you can expect some left field shit in the future.

Ollie and Andrew both have their own product lines. What can we expect from those in the future?*
(Fingers crossed) growth and success.

What are 5-10 songs or albums you guys have been listening to lately?
Bring Me the Horizon- That’s the Spirit; Neck Deep- Life’s Not Out To Get You; State Champs- Around the World and Back; Travis Scott- Rodeo; Drake- If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.
What can we expect from Broadside in 2016? What are you dreams and goals for the band in the future?
We’re hoping for bigger tours, to have more people stoked on Old Bones, and the cover of “Rolling Stone.” 🙂

 *You can check out Ollie’s clothing line “Damaged Kids” here.  And take a look at Andrew’s custom mugs “Hard Luck Mugs” here.

Broadside is:

Ollie Baxxter – Vocals
Niles Gibbs – Guitar
Dorian Cooke – Guitar
Josh Glupker – Bass
Andrew Dunton – Drums

You can catch them on the “Cold Kids and Campfires Tour Part 2” with Marina City and 7 Minutes in Heaven now! 🙂

Tour Dates:
Jan 19 Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
Jan 20 Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
Jan 21 The Garage – Burnsville, MN
Jan 22 Warehouse – La Crosse, WI
Jan 23 The Rave Bar – Milwaukee, WI
Jan 24 The Wire – Chicago, IL

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