NEW SONG RELEASE: Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar – No More Parties In LA.

Kim K - Kanye Tweets Kanye West- Chicago rapper, songwriter and producer teamed up with Kendrick Lamar, rapper/hip-hop artist from Compton, California for the track “No More Parties in LA”. Though the release is a bit late from the “G.O.O.D Friday’s” we were all expecting, it is here now. Thank Yeezus. We can also give Kim K. West a quick shout-out on keeping us all updated on his releases. I knew her social media platform couldn’t completely go to waste. Read Amanda’s in depth song review and listen to”No More Parties in LA” below.

I never quite expected Kanye and Kendrick to team up, but I am very thankful they did. “No More Parties In LA” is a slow moving song, but in a prominently lyrical way. The Madlib produced track definitely has a very old-school Kanye/Nas feel. Right away I got the ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ nostalgia I’ve been anticipating for quite some time. Considering the sample is from Ghostface in “New God Flow”from Kanye’s ‘Cruel Summer’ album, released two years after ‘MBDTF’. Which has been the closest in genre we’ve seen since. The over-produced ‘Yeezus’ album threw me for a loop when he tried to expand his horizons with something different. Kanye pretty much made his own genre of sound with the album and it’s completely respectable in nature. But this, this is the Kanye we’ve all been patiently awaiting for so long, at least I have.

After the hook “No more parties in LA, please baby no more parties in LA” finishes you hear Kendrick on the first verse, opening the song. It was very much a surprise to me that he opened the track when features usually bring the song to a close, or make an appearance in the middle somewhere. But Kanye has a history of bringing features in almost everywhere in a song, thankfully so.

Kendrick brings a very K-Dot feel to the forefront with his first verse in the song. K-dot, Kendrick’s “alter ego” has a tendency to sound a bit different than his usual rapping style. You can see the difference in Kendrick’s flow by listening to ‘Good Kid, M.A.A.D City‘ in comparison to ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. In this track he stays close to his extensive lyricism accompanied by subtle satire, very K-dot esque. I had to take a step back, after saying “Awhhhh shit” when I heard the lines:

“The opportunity, the proper top of breast and booty cheek. The pop community, I mean these bitches come with union fee. And I want two of these, moving units through consumer streets. Then my shoe released, she was kicking in gratuity.”

Kendrick’s wordplay is always something unique to his character and the nature of his lyricism. You can see Kendrick branching out of his attempt at giving people a sound they want, and reverting back to the sound he originally started with. His tactics at influence and allure have always been something that keeps Kendrick ahead, as well as consistency. He finishes his verse with the line, “Instagram is the best way to promote some pussy”.  To which I cackled proudly at.

The hook comes back, and you are patiently awaiting Kanye’s verse.

First off, a smile was painted across my face the entire verse because I was insanely too hyped at the sounds of Kanye’s flow. He seems very, hungry almost and ready to take back his place on the top. It’s not like he ever left, but it seems with this track he’s showing people the importance of Kanye. As I was listening to the verse, a lot of specific lyrics stuck out to me as they always do with Kanye’s music. You can see his flow really switch up with this song and bring an old-school Kanye feel to it. I’m not just talking MBDTF’ either, yes- I’m talking about muhh fuhh ‘Graduation’. It may just be me and my overwhelming desire to get that Kanye back, but it feels very 2007 Kanye to me. At the same time, it also feels very new. Very cut-throat Kanye. He talks about his rise to the top and how he got to where he is, typical Kanye bragging- but it’s not like he doesn’t have the right. He spits lyrics like:

“Second class bitches wouldn’t let me on first base”

I’m such a sucker for subtle, little wordplay and this line really got me hyped. Kanye has a history of using lines such a these and really honing in on one-liners and “tweetable” quotes, if you will. Kanye would probably never put it that way.. but I am. He is inspired by his ego and his need to be on top, and essentially better than everyone else. I’m all for it, and I think Kanye’s cocky attitude only makes his music better. The lyrics he spits have an eccentric and new idealistic methodology to them, always. We see it shine through in more ways than one throughout his career.

“I was uninspired since Lauryn Hill retired”

This line really stood out to me while listening to the track, and I felt a kind of similar opinion to his. Lauryn Hill is a very unique artist and it’s hard to find anyone in the music industry like her, and she took pride in that. Kanye mirrors that mindset in his artistry as well. To which we can kind of get a feel on Kanye’s motivation for his music.

“But the writer’s block is over, emcees cancel your plans”

You can see Kanye is getting more and more hungry as the track furthers on, he is challenging people now- I love that. I have thought for a long time now that music is becoming incredibly inconsistent in nature, and almost consubstantial. So it’s really nice to be able to anticipate a change in sound and social stature. If anyone can bring about competition it’s Kanye. I just hope other rappers don’t get too discouraged because well, you know- it’s Kanye.

“And as far as real friends, tell my cousins I love ’em.
Even the one that stole the laptop, you dirty motherfucker”

The song ends with the last line, talking again about his cousin who stole the laptop- you hear the same story in his track “Real Friends”, which goes to question that maybe this pissed him off enough to make more music. Which would be shining light on this bad situation for Kanye. I’m excited for what’s in store. Kanye is mad, and ready to challenge the rap game in this industry and I think we all are ready for it. If this song is any indication on how ‘SWISH‘ is going to be, I have a very good feeling about this album. My recommendation is that you listen to this song, and “Real Friends”, as soon as possible. As soon as the album is released on February 11th, come back for an in depth review by yours truly. Until then, enjoy the track below.

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