MOS Interview: Travis Day, Tour Manager for 7 Minutes In Heaven

Photo by Teri Cwiek

Photo by Teri Cwiek

We recently posted an interview with Chicago pop-punk band 7 Minutes In Heaven, who is currently out on the road for their acoustic “Cold Kids and Campfires Tour Part 2,” but we also caught up with Travis Day, their tour manager.  He’s become a huge part of 7 Minutes In Heaven and the fans love him as much as they love the band.  We asked him some questions about how he got involved and his experiences in the music industry.  You can read those questions below!

Interview by Meredith Szturm.

How did you connect with 7 Minutes In Heaven?
I officially started working for 7MIH in January 2015 for the first Cold Kids tour, handling merch for them. I grew up in Washington state with Timmy though & we went to high school together, played in bands, & have been friends ever since.

What responsibilities does your job as Tour Manager include?
As TM I manage all of the behind the scenes aspect of tour. Advancing the shows through the different promoters & venues, organizing travel plans, & helping get everyone where they need to be safely & on time.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about touring?
By far my favorite part of touring is all of the people I meet. I’ve meet friends on the road who will be friends for life. My least favorite part is a tough choice between the lack of regular sleep & our diet choices haha.

Have you worked with any other bands before?
Not yet actually, as TM I help the other bands on the package but 7MIH is my family.

What do you see happening for 7MIH in the future? Do you plan on being their TM for a while?
7MIH is going to take over the world. I believe it. For real though these guys work so hard and I’m so excited for whatever is coming their way. I’ll be around as long as they keep me. I love what I do and thankfully we all do this well together.

What first made you interested in the music industry?
I grew up listening to Rush and Van Halen thanks to my Dad and I fell in love with Blink when I was about 10. As a teen I wanted to be in a band and help bring that to other kids that were like me. Once I started getting involved I discovered this whole other behind the scenes side of the industry and I fell in love with it! I knew I wanted to be a part of that for life.

It seems like you’re pretty popular with the fans! What do the fans mean to you?
Haha it’s amazing and I don’t know why! I love everyone that comes out to these shows or I interact with online, it blows my mind the friends I’ve made. It’s cliche but the fans really and truly are why we can do this. I get to live my dream and it’s because of them. I’m so thankful!

What’s your favorite place you’ve been on tour? Any crazy/funny tour stories? Travel wise getting to explore the country has just been an amazing experience. We played a show in Seattle over the summer at El Corazon and that was big for me because growing up I’d see all these bands I love come through and play there and now here we were. That was a big moment for me. As far as crazy stories go, in Florida I saw my first real life alligator, and I gave it tequila. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night haha.

What are 5-10 songs or albums you’ve been listening to lately?
My most played record this year is definitely American Candy by The Maine, they never stop impressing me. I can’t get enough. Lately though Life’s Not Out To Get You by Neck Deep will be the soundtrack to winter 2015/16. I just can’t seem to stop playing it on repeat. Our current tour mates in Broadside have an album out called Old Bones, I started jamming that this fall & it’s so good! Super stoked they came out on the road with us. Purpose by Justin Bieber is one that I recently started getting into, it’s so catchy. Around the World and Back by State Champs is another one. Those guys aren’t slowing down anytime soon!

You can catch Travis and the rest of the 7 Minutes In Heaven guys on the Cool Kids and Campfires Tour Part 2 right now with Broadside and Marina City!

Tour Dates:

Jan 17 Hoosier Dome
Indianapolis, IN

Jan 18 Fubar
Saint Louis, MO

Jan 19 Outland Ballroom
Springfield, MO

Jan 20 Vaudeville Mews
Des Moines, IA

Jan 21 The Garage
Burnsville, MN

Jan 22 Warehouse
La Crosse, WI

Jan 23 The Rave Bar
Milwaukee, WI

Jan 24 The Wire
Berwyn, IL

Mar 19 QuikTrip Park
Grand Prairie, TX

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