Daisyhead robbed at a tour stop last night

12232876_777775929016124_7309291770892637917_oNashville, TN band Daisyhead were robbed last night in Chicago on one of their last tour stops before home.

The band have set up a Go Fund Me page and written about the robbery:

We are just 3 nights from the end of tour and we’ve just been robbed in Chicago. We’ve feared this day, as so many other bands appear to get robbed during tours. Unfortunately for us it came right before the end of tour when we had the most money possible. In addition to all of our band money, the thief also got away with multiple backpacks of personal belongings, including some laptops. Oh, and he broke our front window on the van.. And it’s really really cold.

We hate having to ask for anything from friends, fans who already give to us through support and buying merchandise, and especially strangers, but we’ve hit the point that we simply have to ask.

Any penny given to us will be appreciated SO much. It will go directly toward repairing the van window, replacing personal belongings, and paying off debts that the band is responsible for at the end of tour.

For those of you that prefer purchasing a physical product to help support us, please visit our official online store:   https://absolutemerch.com/collections/daisy-head ‌ 

If you have anything to spare, help the band out by heading over to their Go Fund Me page.

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