MOS Song Review: Kanye West “Real Friends/No More Parties in LA”.

Kanye West  is a lot of things. But wekanye swish know him as a Chicago rapper/songwriter, music producer, fashion designer, and founder of G.O.O.D music. He also owns a creative content company called DONDA. Kanye first came about around the early 2000s by producing tracks for other popular artists like Jay-z, Ludacris, Talib Kweli, Alicia Keys and more. Many know him by the “Imma let you finish speech” or his 2010 MTV performance of “Runaway”. But let’s be honest- most of us know him from the 2004, “Through the Wire” days. Kanye is said to release his seventh solo studio album ‘SWISH’ on February 11th, 2016. Read Amanda’s review of the most recent tracks from the album below.

On January 8th 2016, Kanye West released a self-produced song entitled “Real Friends” which features Ty Dolla $ign. Accompanied by a short snippet of the Madlib produced track “No More Parties in LA” which features a verse from Kendrick Lamar.  The track “Real Friends” delves into issues with being famous, and everyone wanting something from you. Kanye spits lyrics like:

“I hate when a nigga text you like, “What’s up, fam, hope you good?” You say, “I’m good” then great, the next text they ask you for somethin’”  which encompasses the idea that when you’re famous, everyone wants a piece of the pie- even when you haven’t seen or heard from someone for a while. He also explains his struggle with how people who are supposed to be your family can turn on you in an instant.

“I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was fuckin’ bitches on. Paid that nigga 250 thousand just to get it from him. Real friends. Huh?”

Kanye has been saying things like this for years, but with this track it seems more passionate and concerned.  A place of genuine nature for Kanye, I hope we will see more tracks like this from him in the future. Towards the end of the song you can hear a snippet from the upcoming release ‘No More Parties in LA’ which is said to be inspired by his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy days, probably one of Kanye’s finest works to date (aside from Graduation of course). On this snippet you hear Kanye say the line:

“Over at the crib you left your Ray-Bans. My sheets still orange from your spray tan. No more parties in LA. No more parties in LA.”

Then towards the end of the track you hear a short verse from Kendrick Lamar saying:

“It was more than soft porn for the K-man. She remember my Sprinter, said “I was in the gray van”. Uhm, well cutie, I like your bougie booty. Come Erykah Badu me, well let’s make a movie. Hell you know my repertoire is like a wrestler. I show you the ropes, connect the dots. Hey country girl in the front…”

And the snippet ends leaving you patiently awaiting the track “No More Parties In LA”. I’m excited and I hope this will lead to another installment of Kanye’s G.O.O.D Fridays. Keep an eye out on Kim’s twitter too for more info. She’s been dropping a lot of hints lately. Thank you Kim. “Real Friends/No More Parties In LA” is definitely a step up from his previously released track on December 31st 2015, entitled “Facts” where Kanye essentially bragged about how the Yeezy, Adidas’ were better sneakers than Nike Jordans collection. Which some could say is highly debatable, but we will save that discussion for another day.

Stream the new tracks here, and be on the lookout for Kanye’s seventh album Swish said to be released February 11th. Which is five days before the Kendrick and J.Cole album Reminiscing drops. Looks like February is going to be an awesome month for hip-hop lovers.

“Real Friends/No More Parties In LA”


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