MOS Show Review and Gallery: Silverstein, Senses Fail, Capsize, and Hundredth

Senses Fail

Photos and Review by Meredith Szturm

Wow, our first show review and gallery on Manifesto. I’m excited! A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing a band I really admire at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I grew up listening to Senses Fail and while their only remaining founding member is front man Buddy Nielsen, they pack as much if not more of a punch than they did in the past.  Buddy has so much heart, and their most recent album Pull the Thorns From Your Heart (Pure Noise Records) definitely made my top ten of 2015 list.  It covers issues like sexuality, depression, anxiety, suicide, coming out on the other side, and ultimately it sends a message of hope.

They performed a lot of the songs from that album as well as old favorites like “Calling All Cars” and “Can’t Be Saved.”  Buddy joked around a lot with the crowd and told us how he wishes us luck, but the Bengals suck, and also that we should be proud that Nick Lachey came from our town.  But the songs are where the band shines and I couldn’t have been happier watching Buddy do his signature dance moves while the rest of the band played their hearts out.  Some of the songs from the new album like “Wounds” and “Carry the Weight” mean a lot to me and hearing them live was amazing.

To be completely honest, I was there for Senses Fail.  I knew a few songs from each of the other bands, but I wasn’t familiar enough to sing along.  Capsize completely blew my mind with their energy and gritty style.  They were almost intimidating jumping around in the dim lights of the stage.  And I’d seen their videographer’s work online before, so seeing him creating it in person was a neat experience.  He has almost as much life and crazy spirit as the band.  After seeing them live, I definitely understand why their gaining the following they are.

Hundredth is a band of monsters, and I mean that in the best way possible.  They really got the crowd going and you could almost feel the floor shake when the whole band jumped in unison.  Their first song, “Break Free” was the one that I was most impressed with.  It was super inspirational and motivating and it really got their set off to a great start.

And last, but certainly not least was Silverstein.  The band played a pretty full set with a good mix of older and newer songs, and they even did a great cover of OneRepublic’s “Apologize” that was a real crowd pleaser.  They ended the night with “My Heroine.”  These guys have made a name for themselves over the years and to be able to go on tour and draw in this many people at each show really solidifies the fact that they have something special.  I know this was a nostalgic concert for a lot of people because Silverstein was the band that they listened to in high school, but they still have just as much life and motivation as they ever did and I think there will be a lot more Silverstein to come.

You can check out the photos I took at the concert below.
(All photos were taken by Meredith Szturm)

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